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​"Class 4 Laser.  First Class Service." Quality class 4 laser without the staggering price.
Portable.  No power supply to lug around.  Veterinarians love this laser.  Two Year Warranty.  Class IV lasers you can afford. Sold For Animal Use Only. Muscles, Joints. Pain.
   "Best class IV laser I've ever used.  Even better than my $20,000 laser." Dr. Andy Grant, D.C. 
 5W of power is just right.  The expensive higher wattage class 4 lasers can damage tissue.

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Note:  These are testimonials from our Class IIIB laser site, www.vetrolaser.com. Dr. Kamen is proud of the great customer service he provides which is why these testimonials are posted.  The Vetrolaser4 is sold only to licensed professionals.

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I am a veterinarian (Cornell'60) who owned an animal hospital on Long Island NY for 40 plus years. On retirement I got interested and pursued Traditional Chinese medicine and now have a house call practice in a large senior development and do only acupuncture. I hold both a Florida and New York license. I purchased another 12 diode laser for $4000 and have used it with great success, mainly on arthritic cats and dogs (and husbands) I researched and bought the Vetrolaser as a "rental" unit but often find myself choosing it over the larger one due to portability. I also have used the Vetrolaser on several avian species in rehab. The smaller size makes it ideal. Overall I am very satisfied with the purchase. I might add the customer service from Dr Kamen is excellent and his DVDs and handouts are great.  Lyn 

Thank you so very much. I'm sure you're tired of me going on and on but again, I am so thankful for this laser. Ark is going for "long" walks that we have not been able to do in weeks! I was really getting worried about the muscle mass in his hind end and now I can see he's becoming more steady and stronger each day. His walks are so important for his mental and physical health and your laser is allowing him to get back to his normal self. Thank you again!


Hey doc, Love my laser. I used it on my lame dog and he's walking very well now. My patients are asking me to lend it to them for their dogs. I'm going to buy another one next week. I may need four or more just to lend or rent out. Thanks.

-- Dr. Jane Thornton, D.C.



I meant to post this much earlier, the results from the Vetrolaser equipment I purchased is outstanding! My vet told me I would be wasting my time and money using the laser on a horse's fractured hock. I was told to put the horse in a small enclosure and keep him quiet for at least six months and the horse may still have to be put down. I was told not to get my hopes up too high, most horses do not recover from fractures located in the hock joint. The horse had a 50/50 chance of returning to his job in six to eight months of stall rest.

How wrong was he? Terribly wrong! I utilized the Vetrolaser along with hock magnets daily for six months on a small bone located within the hock joint. I knew I could not just stand by and wait, therefore the magnets were strapped on his hocks, (both hocks had magnets to equalized the magnetic energy), and a daily routine of laser treatment on both the inside and outside of the hock joint. I knew where the fracture was located because of the multiple radiographs taken by the vet.

At the end of six months the horse's hock was x rayed again to see if progress was being made. The vet took several digital shots and went to his office for review. He stepped out of his office and asked me to come and discuss the readings. He had a frown on his face and questioned me at great length as to "what was I doing to enhance the healing and recovery for this horse?" I took a deep breath and said; "everything you told me not to do." He then started to smile and explained that the horse's hock not only was healed, but fused. I believe he was as elated as I was and wanted to know exactly what type of laser I used and how long each day the treatments lasted.

The horse is now back into his training routine and doing very well. Thanks to the Vetrolaser my horse healed and I did not have to make the decision to "put him down."  I recommend the Vetrolaser to everyone and tell them my story of my own experience and the great outcome. The price is affordable, the instructions are easy to follow, and the results are great.

R. Actual User

I am here to say that I bought this laser 3 weeks ago and have been using it on my 2 yo Designer Red filly, Sweetie Pie, her healing is finally coming along. It's been almost a year since she about cut her back legs off on the front side of her hocks, I've been trying all kinds of treatment, but this IS the best. I can see the swelling in her tissue go down right before my eyes! At this rate, I don't think she'll barely have any scar tissue! It seems expensive at first but I was desparate and wondering is she was ever going to heal, I'm not a rich person but feel this money was well spent! I am also using the laser on my husband old Yellow Lab dog that has been down in her hips plus giving her an asprin a day. She's able to walk again and we thought we were going to have to put her down. So I can give a testmonial that this works, it really does! Thanks Dr. Kamen!

-- (a posting from BarrelHorseWorld.com)

I love the laser. It helped heal a surgery done on my horse's back after a cyst was removed.  It was healed and flat, no bumps left where the stitches were in 3 weeks time. The vet was amazed. I lasered it every day for the first 10 days after surgery to increase the healing process. I would have written sooner but I was busy treating my barrel horses. Thanks,Tracy 

-- Tracy (horse owner)

Hello Dr. Kamen-I meant to write to you months ago-actually Jan. after reading an article in The Horse magazine, November 2006 Article# 8229 "Another Piece of the Laminitis Puzzle" (hoof blood vessel dysfunction)-if you want to look for it. It was after I read it I contacted you about using the light on my mare’s feet-she has Cushings and is IR. She had several bouts of laminitis and was starting another one-bute didn’t really help-soaking helped while her feet were soaking and for a short time after that. I started using the light on her-per your instructions-that was the last time for several months-it looked like another one had started-late Spring so I use the light on her feet and it stopped it. No problems since then-of course I do many other things to make her healthy because of the IR and Cushings but the light saved her (literally-I believe). I also use the light on acupoints.I apologize for not sharing my good news sooner-I have the usual excuses-7 horses, work, etc... Thank you again for making this possible for us.Judy A.Harrisonville MO.

-- Testimonial From Judy A.

I bought this to incorporate with my rehab therapy program for mainly horses, but also dogs. In the past I was very familiar with cold lasers and knew when I had a chance - wanted to own one. So far, my clients are raving on how much this has helped their horses. This is a wonderful product, Lynette

-- Lynette


-- Blog:

You know Dr. Kamen I use this unit on my horses and they do relax but I was never totally sure it was helping them but now I know for certain this unit works on my horses. My local chiropractor told me to use it each time after I ride. He said to run it up and down my two horses' backs very slowly for at least 5 minutes on each side to help bring the circulation back so they recover from riding quicker. I was doing it occasionally because since you can’t see anything I wasn’t sure it did anything. NOT NOW!!! Thanks for inventing this affordable laser. By the way I hope to attend one of your clinics for a second time if you come to the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area again. I took your clinic about 10 years ago and it was sooooo fun and informative. I remember you did one at Susan Blakely’s house a few years ago but I was out of town that weekend and could not attend. Cheryl—Barrel Racer from Texas.

-- Cheryl (Barrel Racer)

Dear Dr. Kamen--Not only has it been a very satisfying business transaction, with friendly, prompt service,..,but also have my expectation been exceeded with the product itself! ABSOLUTLY AWESOME! And after having looked through the net for quite some time, I still couldn’t find anything compareable in terms of value for money,...!So, I thank you again and remain with best regards Friedrich H.

-- Friedrich H


As per our phone conversation a week ago, I shipped our laser back on Monday, I had paid for tracking and saw that it didn’t arrive until Thurs. Yet, we received a new laser TODAY! You had to have really hustled to get that back to us so quickly. Given we have two loved pets waiting for their treatment, I can’t thank you enough.

As I said on the phone, we would have gladly settled for a repaired or a refurbished unit. Instead, true to your word, you sent us a new unit with an extra battery. This is tremendous customer service. As I also said, I can’t say enough about the product either. I was extremely skeptical that optical simulation would have any effect (I have degrees in Physics and Mathematics and have worked in instrumentation and testing of disposable products all of my life and was once a laser and radiation safety officer in my past). I was totally surprised by the result. This is a great product and works far beyond anything I could have expected.

My wife and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas. It is so rare to find a business that has such strong ethics. God bless you.

Oliver Renier 

I got my first Vetrolaser at a clinic given by Dr. Kamen in northern California in 2004. Not long after that when my vet (who was a lameness specialist) was over, I mentioned it to her, she was very interested as she had received laser treatment in the past to help slow mending broken bones. A couple weeks later I got a call from her in regards to treating a upper level dressage horse with a torn deep flexor tendon. The treatment was very successful. 
Several years ago while looking at the web site of a local horse rescue I came across an ex racehorse that had been adopted and returned four times that year. Curiously got the best of me and I called and went over to look at him, with 3 little girls tagging along, one was eleven and the twins were seven. My first impression was how big Reny was, about18.4 hands (a size 84 blanket is tight on him)! He was pretty friendly with the girls so I gave the eight year old the lead rope and asked them to take Reny for a walk (now that I reflect back on it probably not one of my brighter moments). And away they went with their heads coming up to the height of his elbow, Reny following as happy and sweet as can be.........so home Reny came with us.
Did not take long before Reny was lame, my vet was sure that due to his past it was a bone chip in carpal joint. He was given a cortisone shot along with hyaloric acid, which lasted for a few months, after about nine months we added Legend monthly for his leg.
Upon moving to a bigger ranch in Oregon were the local clinic had a digital ultrasound unit which showed his suspensory ligament at the carpal looked like Swiss Cheese. I started a laser regiment of 15 minutes a day every other day for the first three weeks, then reduced to two to three times a week for another four weeks. Along with the treatment, he was given laser acupuncture (using Daniel’s red laser of course) treating ting points on the same leg, distal point counter-lateral back leg, along with connecting points, adjacent points , shu transport point and the Shao Yang channel.

Reny has not had any shots since the beginning of the laser treatment. I do use the laser on the area of his carpal joint and suspensory ligament insertion and his left rear hock before showing to make him more comfortable.

Dennis G. McAuliffe
Integrative Equine Therapy


For The Sake Of The Horse


Just wanted to let you know I absolutely LOVED your horse chiropractic class. I feel like a crazy groupie now cause if you end up doing another class I definitely want to know. I think it would be great to hone in my skills.

I've been working on my personal horses, especially my personal project "Dr. Pepper" my daughters barrel horse. He wouldn't turn to the right, pinned his ears when we saddled him (which was a sudden new habit), and seemed to have a sore shoulder. I started working with him just a couple times a week. I added in Vetrolaser , and the Myo-Paddle. I can't believe the difference! He is spunky, stopped pinning his ears, and back in the arena! Thank you so much for teaching me the methods to help ol Dr. Pepper feel good again!

HUGE Thanks from Alaska!

-Danielle Warbington

Hi to all users of the vetrolaser,

I am from Australia and use the laser for my animals.  My husky male was unable to jump on my bed and now after just 2 applications of the laser he sleeps with me again. My female had incontinence and now doesn't. There is no limit to what this tool is capable of and I would recommend its use to anyone treating their animals. You will love your vetrolaser. Moreover communication with Dr Kamen is awesome and he responds quickly with a reply to your query. Don't buy expensive lasers that do exactly the same as vetrolaser. 

Cheers Donna miller