$3295.  Regular price: $3795. $500 off coupon code applied.  Free Shipping.
​"Class 4 Laser.  First Class Service." Quality class 4 laser without the staggering price.
Portable.  No power supply to lug around.  Veterinarians love this laser.  Two Year Warranty.  Class IV lasers you can afford. Sold For Animal Use Only. Muscles, Joints. Pain.
   "Best class IV laser I've ever used.  Even better than my $20,000 laser." Dr. Andy Grant, D.C. 
 5W of power is just right.  The expensive higher wattage class 4 lasers can damage tissue.

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Best veterinary laser therapy book.  We don't sell it, but it is available on Amazon.  Here is the PDF link.  A great bargain at $19.95.


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