Why pay over $20,000 for a very high power class IV laser that might burn your animal patient?  5 Watts of power is all you need.

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Proper laser safety goggles must be worn at all times during operation.  Animal safety goggles available upon  request.

Affordable Class 4 Veterinary Lasers

*Sold for animal use only. Results may vary. The Vetro4 is a class IV therapeutic laser with power up to 5 watts.. Note: Before using or buying any therapy equipment for your animal, or administering any treatment, you should consult with a licensed veterinarian first. Even though thousands of clinical applications using therapeutic lasers have been favorable, no claims can be made on its health benefits or anticipated outcome of treatment. When you buy any laser from this site or from the owner of this site (using PayPal, Googlecheckout, by phone, mail or any other means) you agree to never use these lasers in public. The buyer assumes full responsibility for their actions in the use of the lasers sold here. State and or Federal Laws may apply when using lasers. It is up to the buyer of any laser sold here to comply with these laws. For Animal Use Only. Federal Law prohibits the distribution of this device for human use. Not sold where prohibited. 

Please Read Before Buying The Vetro4 Class IV Laser.

The purchaser and/or user of any and all of the lasers and other products sold on this site are fully responsible for their actions in the use, in any way, of the laser and products.  The purchaser and/or user of any and all of these lasers and other products on this site, www.vetrolaser4.com, understands and agrees to these terms before they buy, or, in any way, use these products for any reason whatsoever.  The buyer of these products understands and agrees that the lasers sold here are sold for and intended for animal use only.

25 Laser Diodes. 10 infrared 808nm Diodes. 15 red 650nm Diodes. Total power up to 5W.



"I personally answer the phone and all of your questions."  Dr. Daniel Kamen, D.C.

Large 25 Diode treatment head.   Total power up to 5000mW which is 5 Watts.  Can be set for Continuous Wave (CW) or pulsed settings. Timer can be set for 1 minute to 60 minutes.  Penetrates and treats deep tissues. Some class 3B laser companies charge $3,000 for a single diode laser.

Horse owners are impressed how quickly the Vetro4 relieves pain and heals racing and event injuries.  Vets get $50 to $80 per class 4 laser treatment. Treat horses, cattle, dogs, and cats.

Mode (Continuous wave/pulsed),

Power settings, Time settings.

Sold For Veterinary Use Only

Please email professional license number here.  Please include the state.

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Class 4 Power.  Class III Price

Comes With Two Pair Of Laser Safety Goggles, Charger, User Manual, And A Professional Carrying Case.
Do You Really Need To Spend $20,000 Or More For An Effective Class IV Laser? You can buy 7 of our class IV lasers for what it costs you to buy one of  theirs.
Pet Owners are not impressed by how much you paid for your equipment.
They're impressed by results. Vets charge $80 to $100 for one treatment session.

30 Day Trial Period With A $450.00 Restocking Fee If Returned.


25 diode laser head quickly treats a huge area.

    Vetro4 Demonstration

Click here to see laser used on a horse.


Five watts of power is all you need.  There is a risk of burning your animal patient with the expensive higher powered class IV lasers, defeating the purpose of your treatment.  A vet who owns a fancy $30,000 class 4 laser said, "They're like owning a sports car--you have to buy two of them since one is always in the shop.  Buy the Vetro4. It's reliable."

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​"Class 4 Laser.  First Class Service." Quality class 4 laser without the staggering price.
Portable.  No power supply to lug around.  Veterinarians love this laser.  Two Year Warranty.  Class IV lasers you can afford. Sold For Animal Use Only. Muscles, Joints. Pain.
   "Best class IV laser I've ever used.  Even better than my $20,000 laser." Dr. Andy Grant, D.C. 
 5W of power is just right.  The expensive higher wattage class 4 lasers can damage tissue.

Dr. Daniel Kamen, D.C.​

World Class Customer Service.

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